The Best Wedding Caterers in Colorado

These caterers will have your guests coming back for seconds!

Selecting a Colorado Wedding Caterer

With the possible exception of the wedding venue, catering is likely to be the most expensive line item in your entire wedding budget. The good news is that the best Colorado wedding caterers run the entire gamut when it comes to pricing. You can go all out and book a high-end caterer or you can simply decide to book a food truck (or two), which is a cool and unique option if you’re having a less traditional wedding. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of the companies listed below.

A few other considerations include what type of food you like, what type of food your friends and family like and how important it is to you that you please everyone in the group. There’s a reason that so many weddings give guests two basic options such as chicken or fish, or chicken or beef, etc. These items appeal to the average palate, so they’re a pretty safe bet. But the more wedding guests you’re having, the more difficult it will be to please everyone. One of the coolest weddings we’ve ever been to was an Indian-Mexican wedding (the bride was from India and the groom’s parents were from Mexico). They ended up incorporating the cuisine from both countries, which was a big hit with all of the guests (and us wedding photographers as well!)

One final thing to consider is if you want to do a plated dinner or a buffet. A plated dinner can feel a bit fancier and more upscale, but a buffet is a great way to offer a variety of items that your wedding guests can choose from, so everyone gets exactly what they like. Plus, this is a great way to get your guests up and socializing during dinner!

Without further ado, here is our list of the best wedding caterers in Colorado.

All Love Catering

Biscuits and Berries

Footers Catering

Fresh Tracks Catering

GB Culinary

Mountain Crust

Occasions Catering

Rocky Mountain Catering

A Spice of Life