The Best Wedding DJs in Colorado

These DJs will keep the party hoppin'!

Booking a Colorado Wedding DJ

We’ve all seen bad DJs at weddings who stand in the corner texting while doing little more than overseeing a playlist. But there are also a ton of really talented wedding DJs in Colorado. These folks read the room and keep the party hoppin’ until the wee hours of the morning. We’ve listed the companies that we think are the best Colorado wedding DJs below. These are folks we’ve worked with numerous times and they always deliver.

In our opinion, the best DJs don’t simply play a list of songs you provide for them, but they have the ability to take the temperature of the room and go off-script based on what is and isn’t working with each individual crowd. This way, the dance floor will never be empty and your guests will leave your party at the end of the night wanting more.

Many wedding DJs also act as emcees to guide your wedding guests through the first dance, toast, cake cutting and dance party, making sure everyone is happy and engaged. This is a huge value add because without having someone to communicate what’s happening next during the wedding reception, it can turn into a bit of a free-for-all, especially if you’re having a large number of guests. This can sometimes be fun, but if you want a bit more structure during your reception, make sure to hire a DJ who will double as an emcee.

In addition to emceeing, some wedding DJs also act as lighting designers as well. They turn your wedding reception venue into a colorful work of art using lighting tools such as gobos, monograms, market lights, uplighting and more. There are also companies who specialize in lighting design alone, but if you’re wedding planning on a budget, you can always save money by hiring a DJ who does both.

There are tons of wedding DJs in Colorado, but we’d recommend starting with these peeps.

Dancin’ Shoes DJ & Lighting

DJ Jay One

Platinum DJ Services

Springs Sounds Entertainment