The Best Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists in Colorado

Look your best on your wedding day with these amazing artists.

Hiring a Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist

A smoky eye or cherry red lips; up-dos or beachy curls. These artists will take your inspiration photos and your venue into account (windy mountaintop weddings, anyone?). Then they’ll make you look like yourself, just with a little more oomph. Sometimes it’s tough to find the best Colorado wedding hair and makeup artists, but if you start with our list, you can’t go wrong!

We’ve worked with countless hair and MUA companies over the years. Some are outstanding, some are okay and some leave a little something to be desired. There’s a lot more that goes into doing this job than just doing hair and makeup for brides and bridesmaids. For example, MUAs need to understand the flow of a wedding day, so that they don’t run behind and eat into the rest of the wedding timeline. They also need to understand lighting so that your photographers can get amazing photos during the “getting ready” portion of the day. And, of course, they need to have a good grasp on Colorado weather so they can do their job effectively knowing full well that it’s windy or hot or raining outside and they might have to stay on hand for touchups throughout the day.

Your hair and makeup artists are most likely the first vendor you’ll see on your wedding day, and since you’ll be spending several hours in their company, make sure you hire someone you enjoy being around. Also, be sure to imbed enough time into your wedding timeline to get everyone’s hair and makeup done in time for the ceremony, or the first look, if you’re doing one. Of course, the size of your bridal party will dictate how much time you’ll need for hair and makeup, as well as whether or not you’d like to do your couple’s portraits before or after the ceremony.

There are approximately one million wedding hair and makeup artists in Colorado, but we highly recommend starting your search with these fine people.

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