The Best Colorado Wedding Stationery

From invites to place cards and everything in between!

About Colorado Wedding Stationery

So what is wedding stationery anyway? Do you really need it for your wedding? Wedding stationery can range from simple invitations and “save the dates” to a full suite of printed goods, and many couples even opt for entirely digital invitations. But if you want the real thing and you want it to really wow your guests, Colorado is home so some of the most impressive wedding stationery artists. They can incorporate mountain motifs, your personalized monogram, or anything else your heart desires. We haven’t worked closely with a ton a stationery artists over the years, but we’ve listed our favorite Colorado wedding stationery company below.

From a photographer’s standpoint, the more visual elements you have at your wedding, the better. It gives us more to work with. We here at J. La Plante Photo aren’t big on taking contrived photos of posed details, but we’ve found that focusing on “found” details injects a greater sense of realism into our wedding shoots. For example, instead of propping your rings up on a pine cone, we’ll get a close up shot of the rings going onto your fingers during the ceremony. Instead of taking 50 photos of your dress hanging in the window, we’ll create more natural images of you getting into your dress and epic portraits showing off the dress throughout the wedding day. And instead of posing a series of “flat-lay” images of your stationery, we’ll instead take photos of your guests picking up and reading your wedding ceremony programs to incorporate a human element and show interaction.

So should you purchase stationery and other printed products for your wedding? This is a decision that only you can make, but it’s a matter of looking at your budget and weighing your priorities. And if you’d like to save on paper, you can always have digital stationery and invitations made for you, as we mentioned above. Whichever route you choose, we couldn’t recommend Cristy from Lucky Onion more highly!

Lucky Onion