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Ah, Aspen. “Where the beer flows like wine.” Little-known fact about the movie Dumb and Dumber: it wasn’t actually filmed in Aspen, due to production budget, I’m assuming. The scenes in town were actually shot in Breckenridge and Park City, Utah. The skiing scenes were shot at Copper Mountain (near Breck) and the hotel Harry and Lloyd stay in is actually the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. But back to weddings! There are so many unique Aspen wedding venues, it’s tough to know exactly where to start your search. We’ve listed our favorites below to help get you started.

Aspen is the most expensive place in all of Colorado, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. If you have the budget for it, you won’t regret hosting your wedding here. Our favorite time of year for an Aspen wedding is the fall (more specifically, late September to mid-October) when the seas of aspen trees surrounding the picturesque town turn a vibrant shade of yellow. It’s a wedding photographer’s dream. Also, there are a ton of unique wedding venues to choose from in Aspen, from rustic mountaintops to chic downtown restaurants.

And how could we forget about the skiing? Aspen is home to four incredible ski resorts. One of them (Aspen Mountain) can be accessed via the gondola in the middle of the downtown area, which is super cool and convenient. Even when we aren’t skiing, we love taking our couples up this gondola for some incredible mountain wedding photos. The views up top are absolutely breathtaking.

Plus, there are a ton of cool restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, an old movie theater and an amazing museum that will keep your wedding guests entertained all weekend long.

Another cool thing about Aspen is that it’s one of the few cities in the U.S. that is run on 100% renewable energy. So if you’re an avid environmentalist, you won’t regret spending your money here.

The most unique Aspen wedding venues are perfect for:
Mountain weddings
Rustic weddings
Upscale weddings
Large weddings

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