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Boulder is one of those cities that’s known for its counter culture. It’s kind of like a smaller version of Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas. It’s also home to the University of Colorado, so the population goes way down in the summer, which is conveniently the peak wedding season here in Colorado. Whether you’re going for an urban style for your wedding or something a little more rustic and secluded, there are plenty of unique Boulder wedding venues to choose from that fit all tastes and styles.

Boulder will always hold a special place in our hearts because it was the first place we lived when we migrated to Colorado way back in 2008. It’s changed a lot in the years since, but it’s retained all of its charm. We still reside in Boulder County, just a few miles outside the city limits because Boulder is super expensive. In fact, after Aspen, it’s probably the most expensive city to live in in all of Colorado, with the median house price coming in at just over $800,000. This also means that wedding venues, hotels, restaurants and other business are priced accordingly. This is something to keep in mind if you’re wedding planning on a budget.

On the bright side, Boulder is an ideal wedding destination because it sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, yet it’s still on the Front Range, so it’s not difficult to get to. This means that if you have your wedding within the city limits, you’re still only a few-minute drive from some truly spectacular mountain vistas for your wedding photos. And your wedding guests can enjoy the mountains without actually having to drive all the way up into the mountains. As a result, Boulder is the perfect wedding location if you’re having a lot of guests from out of town who aren’t used to driving in the mountains or elderly guests who can’t go up too high in elevation.

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