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The capital of Colorado and by far the largest city in the Centennial State, Denver has something for everyone. Concert venues, comedy clubs, art museums and galleries, botanic gardens, parks, restaurants, breweries, night clubs, amusement parks and all four major sports teams, making it one of only two cities west of the Mississippi with that claim to fame (the other two being Phoenix and Los Angeles). And, as you can probably imagine, there are countless unique Denver wedding venues to choose from, both within the city limits and further afield. From chic downtown hotel rooftops to gritty urban venue spaces, Denver has it all.

Start by considering which part of the city appeals to you most and what type of vibe you’re going for with your wedding. Are you looking for an upscale, modern style? If so, then start by checking out some of the higher-end hotels in the downtown area, such as the Curtis, The Maven, The Grand Hyatt, The Four Seasons, etc. Or if you’re hoping for more of a gritty urban vibe for your wedding, we would recommend starting your search in the River North Art District (RiNo), where gritty urban wedding venues abound. Or would you like to incorporate a bit of nature into your urban wedding? If so, you can always tie the knot in one of Denver’s beautiful parks or botanic gardens, which will give you the best of both worlds.

Possibly the primary benefit of having a Denver wedding is convenience. Denver International Airport is a hub for many major airlines and there are a million hotels and restaurants for your out-of-town guests to choose from. Plus, there are about four million of every type of wedding vendor you could possibly hope to have in Denver, so wedding planning will be easier than if you’re getting married in a small mountain town.

Denver is a panoply of different styles, so regardless of what type of venue you’re looking to book for your wedding, you will have endless options. Start by checking out a few of our favorites below.

The most unique Denver wedding venues are perfect for:
Urban weddings
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Large weddings

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