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Note: We don’t make it out to Glenwood to shoot weddings too often, but we’ve listed our favorite venue thus far below. As we venture out to the western slope in the future and discover more unique Glenwood Springs wedding venues, we’ll be sure to update this list!

Glenwood Springs is kind of like the crossroads of Colorado. Well, I suppose that would be Denver, but Glenwood lies at the intersection of I-70 and Hwy 82, which takes you down to Aspen, approximately 40 miles to the south. If you’re looking at getting married in this part of Colorado, you could go for broke and plan an Aspen wedding, but if you’re wedding planning on a budget, Glenwood Springs is a great (and more affordable) alternative option.

It’s worth it to take trip out to Glenwood Springs for the drive alone because the stretch of I-70 that passes through Glenwood Canyon is an absolutely mind-boggling feat of engineering. Every time we drive through, we make sure to stop at one of the many rest areas to read the plaques describing how they pulled it off (yeah, we’re nerdy like that).

There are also a bunch of natural hot springs in Glenwood Springs. The most famous one is aptly named “Glenwood Hot Springs,” but there are a few others scattered throughout town as well. There’s also a really cool little downtown area that’s filled with restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and everything else you’d expect from a cozy mountain town.

Pro-tip: If you like sour beer, check out Casey Brewing & Blending, just south of downtown Glenwood. The taproom is appointment-only (it’s that good) and you can reserve a time slot to come in and enjoy a delicious bottle while overlooking the Roaring Fork River.

Glenwood Springs is a bit of a trek from Denver, but it’s also a very unique and naturally-beautiful destination to host your wedding. I only wish we got to photograph there more often!

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Ranch weddings

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