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The sign that greets you as you first enter downtown Golden says it all: “Howdy folks. Welcome to Golden, where the west lives.” Even though it’s essentially a suburb of Denver, Golden has a very western feel, with saloon-style bars and restaurants and hotels with stucco facades. And, much like every city in Colorado, there is a plethora of unique Golden wedding venues to choose from, some downtown and some further afield.

Golden is also home to the Coors Brewery, which is always a fun activity for tourists and locals alike. Pro-tip: if you visit the brewery, be sure to request the “short tour.” This means you go straight to the bar and drink three free beers. Unless you want to learn about the history of the brewery and the bottling process, of course. That’s cool too. Education is a good thing.

But don’t forget about the smaller breweries in the area as well. A popular catchphrase in the Colorado brewing community is “drink local!” It’s always good to support independent businesses, plus the beer is usually more interesting in the smaller breweries. And, of course, there are a million little restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars that cater to every palette.

Going a bit further afield, there is ample opportunity for picturesque mountain hikes. Our personal favorite place is Golden Gate Canyon State park, just west of town. And, as you can imagine, there are many outstanding mountain wedding venues, all of which are incredibly unique and photogenic. As wedding photographers, we love the contrast of taking portraits both in town and in the mountains. Golden is the perfect place to make that happen.

The most unique Golden wedding venues are perfect for:
Mountain weddings
Western weddings
Rustic weddings

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