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Just north of Boulder, Longmont is a great alternative to the more expensive wedding destinations in other parts of Colorado. It’s a bit out of the way, but still very close to the major population center of the state and there are many unique Longmont wedding venues to choose from as a result.

Regardless of where you get married in Longmont – whether it’s in downtown or out on the surrounding ranch land – you’ll have amazing views of Longs Peak and Mount Meeker in Rocky Mountain National Park to the west. These peaks are approximately thirty miles away as the crow flies, but the way they loom dramatically over the western horizon makes them feel a lot closer. Sometimes, the best views of the mountains are to be enjoyed when you’re not actually in the mountains.

There are a few cool venues in the downtown area that are both stylish and affordable (a rare combination in other cities) and have a cool urban chic feel. But if you’re looking for more of a small-town rustic vibe, you can always venture outside of the city proper where you’ll find plenty of more quaint and rustic wedding venues scattered throughout the surrounding environs.

There are also a ton of great restaurant and brewery options in the downtown area, all of which are more affordable than similar establishments in Denver and Boulder. It’s also a fairly manageable drive to get to Estes Park from Longmont, so if your wedding guests are in town for a few days, it’s always a fun day trip to head up and see the popular tourist attractions the town has to offer, such as the Stanley Hotel and Rocky Mountain National Park.

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