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Note: There are an infinite number of measuring sticks one could use to determine which are the most unique Winter Park wedding venues, but we’ve included our personal favorite (hands down) below. As we continue to venture back to Winter Park to shoot future weddings, we’ll be sure to continue to update this list!

A relatively new area founded in 1978, Winter Park is a ski resort town in central Colorado located just over the Berthoud pass, north of Georgetown. Unlike some of the other ski resort areas, Winter Park is surrounded by expansive open lands of with lots of ranches and ranch-style wedding venues. This part of the state feels like how I imagine Colorado felt for the first settlers as they made their journey west. It’s a great place to get off of the grid and enjoy a bit of solitude. Or to invite 100 of your closest friends and family to join you for one of the most important days of your life.

Pro-tip: If you’re wedding planning on a budget, consider booking your wedding for one of the “shoulder” seasons, which are late spring (April) and late fall (November). These two seasons lie between ski season and summer vacation, so prices will be low and the valley won’t be overrun by tourists. Not only will this save you money when it comes to booking your wedding venue and wedding vendors, but your wedding guests will also appreciate the lower prices for airfare, rental cars and hotel rooms.

But if you have your heart set on a winter wedding weekend during which you can ski with your closest friends and family before and after the wedding, there are a whole lot of worse ways we can think of to spend your money. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

The most unique Winter Park wedding venues are perfect for:
Large weddings
Mountain weddings
Upscale weddings
Rustic weddings
Ranch weddings

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