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About Beaver Creek Weddings

Just west of Vail, off of I-70 at the Avon exit, Beaver Creek is a posh ski resort town nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It’s one of our favorite places to ski and also one of our favorite places to shoot weddings. Due to its location and absolutely breathtaking vistas, there is an abundance of unique Beaver Creek wedding venues to choose from for your wedding.

Like most ski towns, summer is the down-season at Beaver Creek, so lodging for your guests is generally cheaper during prime wedding season and you will typically find slightly discounted rates for wedding venues and some wedding vendors as well. There are plenty of options for both indoor and outdoor weddings as well as mountaintop or mountain-base weddings. You can’t go wrong whichever Beaver Creek wedding venue you pick because they all have fantastic views of the Gore Range to the north.

Even if you decide not to get married on top of the mountain (the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck being the best place to do this), we still encourage our couples to take a ride up the gondola at some point during the wedding day to take photos. The trick is to make sure you have enough buffer time included in your wedding timeline to do so. About half of our couples these days are doing a “first look,” which simply means that the two of you come together and see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. This way, there isn’t as much of a time crunch to shoot your couple’s portraits. That said, if you’re more traditional and want to wait until the ceremony to see each other for the first time, that’s cool too! Either way, you’re going to get some truly epic wedding photos.

The most unique Beaver Creek wedding venues are perfect for:
Mountain weddings
Rustic weddings
Upscale weddings

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